Audio Wizardry is a 9 volume set of Kindle books that discuss almost everything that there is to know about audio electronics from the perspective of a home recording studio owner, audiophile, or professional sound studio personnel.  It includes secrets of the performing arts, understanding microphones, and almost everything you could ever want to know about Digital Audio and Digital Audio Workstations and what they can do (and their inherent limits).

An introduction to philosophy and game theory concepts from the rather brilliant "White Rabbit"

Audio Wizardry (9 Volumes)

Lemur Therapy

7 Secrets I Learned Chasing Alice

The Folks That Brought You Lemur Therapy


A proposal for the medical establishment modeled after the biochemistry of tree-faring bug-eating primates that do not get a whole host of human diseases.  Lemur Therapy should be able to get a human immune system out of "combat mode" and into "after battle clean up" mode.  The goal is to treat hundreds of diseases that Lemur Therapy models as being caused by cells burdened by being chemically instructed to hold onto old battle debris.  Such diseases include the modern killer condition known as "cancer".  The thesis is consistent with the contents of an entire wall of medical researcher textbooks here at Aspie Genius.

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