Lemur Therapy

Re-Examining an Ancient Cancer Treatment

Lemur Therapy is a proposal for a medical protocol that attempts to remove all traces of chemicals in the modern world that can possibly appear to be traces of a microbiological infection.  It is named after the biological conditions that occur in a Mouse Lemur living in forests.

​The purpose of Lemur Therapy is to stop production in the body of a hypothetical chemical marker or set of markers that indicate to body cells, especially to lymphocytes, that “the body is under microbiological attack”.  When any type of microbiological attack state is underway, the body would most likely leave cancer cells alone because the cancer cells appear to serve the functional purpose of starving out microbiological infections by eating their food and eating all chemical debris.

​Thus, if this hypothesis is correct, a program of Lemur Therapy would remove the restriction upon T-cells that stop them from destroying cancer cells.Given some of the other odd states that cells can get into, this program also proposes a ketogenic version of the program to test against conditions as diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Lewy body dementia, Alzheimer's, ALS, drug addictions, macular degeneration, epilepsy, autism, bipolar disorder, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Kawasaki, schizophrenia, lupus, arthritis, mystery skin rashes, and endless other modern diseases.  There are a number of hypothetical discussions about how such diseases might actually work, and how to most successfully treat them.

​Lemur Therapy proposes the hypothesis that individual cells such as diabetic muscle cells and neurons in Multiple Sclerosis and Lewy body dementia are hoarding chemicals designed to prepare the cell to endure a microbiological attack.

​A key assumption of the thesis is that Nature designed animals in primordial forests and in oceans to be under intermittent microbiological challenges, not constant microbiological challenges.  When no “all clear” signals ever show up because of the onslaught of chemicals in our modern cities that cannot be differentiated from trails of microbial infections, affected cells never dump their preparatory chemicals, which float around and cause such havoc as permanent reduction in the number of chemical receptors on the cell walls, and permanent reduced production of key chemicals such as insulin.

This is either the most significant medical development in all of human history, or more likely just another embarrassment.  First published in September 2013.  Currently the fourth edition is on-line.

​Many surprises inside.

Aspie Genius